About CMB

Corporate Migration Bureau was born from a passion for the experience and maturity that comes with travel and a desire to share our great experiences with mostly African students and professionals. We love meeting people, getting to know their educational, professional and migration dreams and making them a reality.


We’re not migration gurus. For most of our clients, education abroad is a key part of their journey, whether it’s studying English or attending university. So we do migration through education, plus we provide helpful advice to get you settled in your new country.


We’re nothing without our team. This team also includes 30+ student leadership partners around the various institutions in the sub-region. They’re specialists with a friendly, professional approach. We’re here to give you realistic advice and to map out a pathway that suits your needs now and into the future. It’s reassuring to know that there’s a whole team behind your school, scholarship and visa applications – with specialists available in every area of your journey.


We’ve got proven experience: the numbers speak for themselves

Our Vision

Our Vision is to become a world-class organization in facilitating professional, research and executive education abroad with a strong focus on African students and young professionals.

Our Mission

To raise the next generation of change makers and transformational leaders.

As an organization, we place priority on the academic, professional and migration successes of our client’s and strive to instill a sense of purpose and achievement in them. We manage and maintain strategic relationships with globally reputable professional bodies in order to create opportunities for individuals and teams who seek professional academic and migration pathways for their skills and profession.